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Two Man Deliveries

Two Man Deliveries by Same day Courier

There is always a couple of times a year when you have made a large and bulky purchase.  You find your perfect sofa or that large TV that you have always wanted, congratualations are in order.  The only problem now is getting your big bulky item home.  You have asked the store and they cant deliver to you until the fifth blue moon.

So what are you going to do to get your item delivered?

You will have to get on your phone and call in a a favour with that old friend of yours who has a large van, just hope he is still got a van.  You havn't spoke to him for a few years and feel a bit embarrased calling him.  Even if you did manage to get big Dave with the big van over, you still need another strapping lad to help.

What else can be done that is quick and easy?

Get to the computer and open a search engine, find a two man courier delivery company.  Book the job, pay them and get the job done this afternoon.

"Enjoy your big bulky item and you don't owe big Dave a favour."