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Do couriers offer one day delivery?

Courier service providers offer a one day delivery option, normally called same day delivery.

What is same day delivery or one day delivery?

Same day or one day delivery is when an item is collected or picked up by a courier and delivered to the recipient on the same day, resulting in a one day delivery.

What can be sent on a same day delivery?

Anything can usually be sent on a same day or one day delivery, as long as it fits into the van or truck, such as pallets, parcels, documents, letters, packages and loose items.

Do I have to give notice to book a one day delivery?

At Pony Sameday our express service only requires a 30 minute notice and we will have a vehicle at your door in this time.

Are one day couriers safe?

One day courier service is the most secure and safe way to send your goods, as they are collected and delivered by the same courier and vehicle.

Are my goods insured?

Our same day couriers are insured for Good in Transit to the value of 100k GBP, conditions apply.

Is there a one day delivery to international destinations?

At Pony Sameday we have a special service for international one day delivery, this service is called the on board and hand carry courier service.

How do i book a one day delivery?

You can book a one day delivery by calling us on 0800 288 4052.