On Board & Hand Carry Couriers

To Dubai , UAE

Get Your Items In The Air In 2 Hours

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Same Day Delivery to Dubai

We can collect your urgent items anywhere in the UK and have them hand carried to Dubai.  Our on board couriers can get your items to Dubai within 12 hours of collection.

2 Hours And Your Item Is In The Air

Call us now and we can get your item collected in 30 minutes and then straight to the airport to catch the first flight out.  We can get your urgent item delivered in Dubai with 12 hours, using our experienced on board hand carry couriers.

With over 20 years experience in the on board and hand carry industry, Pony Sameday has pioneered and invented methods to deliver your items at record speeds.

We can provide you with an initial quotation on the phone within seconds and folow up with an in depth schedule.

Guaranteed Delivery, Success Hand Carried

We only rest when we succesfully deliver your package, and the customer is 100% satisfied.  Clients are given proof of delivery by email, fax, text, social and video and picture evidence.