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Lost Property Courier Services

Direct Delivery of Lost Property Items

lost property can cause lots of heartache to the person who has lost their belongings, not only the cost of the item but in most cases their is sentimental and personal items.  The good news is most items that are lost are handed into lost property.

If you have managed to contact the port, airport, train station or any other place where your item has been lost and have received verification that the item is found, then we can retrieve the item for you and get it back to you today. We provide Lost Property Courier services. We can have your item back to you in a few hours.

Pony van taking parcels on direct drive delivery

How to get your lost property back to you:

  1. Call the location where your lost property was last seen.
  2. Verify that they have found your item and is now in the lost property office.
  3. Ask for a reference number.
  4. Let them know you are arranging a same day courier company to collect your lost property item.
  5. Call Pony Sameday on 0800 288 4052 to arrange the collection.
  6. Sit back and relax, your item is on its way back to you.

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