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At Pony Sameday we welcome guest posting from writers, bloggers and customers.  If you have original content and would like us to publish on our website then get in touch.  

Interested in writing for the Pony Sameday blog?

We accept good quality guest posts on a wide range of subjects, so if you have some content you’d like to submit, get in touch!

About The Pony Sameday Blog

Pony Sameday is the UK's premier Courier Service providing same day delivery solutions to businesses and individuals throughout The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Our blog section allows visitors to get more information on the industry and sectors we provide services to.  The courier blog is not limited to only the courier, logistics and transport industry.  We like to provide information on current affairs, safety tips and general interests.

Our blog articles are written by our staff, drivers and the boss.  We also get requests from guest posters and if we like the article and it's a good read, then it's in.  We welcome blogs about the same day courier and transport industry, but will look to include any article or blog posting of value to our visitors.

What we look for from our guest posters

If you think you could write a great blog post for our website, the following guidelines are required:

Be Original

All articles submitted as a guest post to our website blog must be your own work, has to be original and must not be published anywhere else.  

Add Value to Pony Sameday

Your article must add value to our blog section and website.  The submission should be at least 700 words and be informative, creative, funny or factual.  Our visitors need content that will keep them interested and engaged in your blog post.  Make sure your article will bring value to our site and to your reputation.

Share Your Blog

You will share your guest posted article to your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkdIn etc.

Link Back to Your Guest Post

Provide a link back from your website blog to your guest post.

Inserting Links

You can add a maximum of two outbound links to your website or social channel.  

Link Back to Your Guest Post

Provide a link back from your website blog to your guest post.


Your guest post will have at least one image, this must be free-to-use and must be on topic of the article.

Use one of the many contact options to submit your article to us.  We look forward in reading your submission.