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Cryptocurrency for Couriers and Drivers 

Who are we

We are same day couriers with over 20 years in the industry and sometimes dabble in crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.   After learning about crypto and the mining process, we had an idea, wouldn't it be good if we could mine coins whilst we get on with our daily jobs and without investing in expensive high end mining tech.  Then it hit us, that we could mine by simply driving, clocking up the miles and mining in the process.  

The Concept

We are raising funds to develop a new type of cryptocurrency that is geared towards couriers and drivers, although not limited to only professional drivers, anyone can mine using the app.  It may take longer for someone to mine who only does the school run twice a day or only commutes to work and back.
The app will allow users to mine as they drive, the mileage driven or travelled will convert into miles on the app and for every 1000 miles travelled and logged, the user will be rewarded with one coin.  
Coins could then be traded or transferred to other members and maybe used to buy products in the courier industry.

How the idea evolved

The idea evolved from a previous concept that we had but did not implement, we wanted to a review and feedback system for our couriers and for every job completed we would add the miles to their experience rating along with the feedback and review.

The Budget

The budget for our project will be directed at the start towards building the apps and website and then marketing the project, to let the world know about what we are about to launch and have launched.  To garner interest on social network channels and mainstream advertising on search engines.
As we are building the apps and website from scratch, there will be any hurdles to cross before we will be able to launch.
Our Passion and our Hobby
Our idea is a marriage between our hobby and our work, this makes us passionate about what we are trying to achieve.  Whilst trying to build a successful app we will be having fun along the way and our backers and  users will join us on the journey. 

Where the New Currency Will Live

We have combined and made a play of the words 'courier' and 'currency' to make couriency. We will launch the product at www.couriency.com and both iOS and Android platforms with the apps.

Become Part of the Plan

If you would like to partner, invest, fund or would like to know more, then get in touch with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.