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Forgotten Items

Forgotten Items

We have all lost or forgot an item on a plane, train, ferry, bus or a tax, you ring around all the locations wher you think your item may be and you get the news you have been waiting to hear.  You item has been found or handed in. Great stuff, but now what shall i do to retreive the item.  You have asked the nice lady at lost and found to post it to you, but they cannot, it is company policy. 

Items that are commonly left behind are; laptops, iphones, mobile phones, ear phones, watches, rings, hand bags, iPads etc.

What you need to do is arrange your own courier, you have tried the express overnight couriers and they will not collect from lost and found.  So what should you do...

It's best you look for a more personalised courier to pick your item up, you need a same day courier company that will:

Pick your item from lost and found.
Deliver direct to you on a same day.

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